Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Havens

Well I'm not pregnant (not yet anyways), but hope to be someday in the future. That fact doesn't stop me from looking at baby rooms though.  They put a fuzzy warm smile on my face :).  Right now, we have a very tiny second bedroom in the house that would be perfect for a nursery. I hope to have an upstairs addition complete before babies are made, but my heart rest easy knowing that the baby would at least have a room! 

The master bedroom and the lil' tiny room are the only rooms upstairs (it's over top of the living room and bathroom).  There is nothing over the dining room and kitchen, so luckily we have the space to expand up there or frankly I'd be moving!! I grew up in a tiny doll house and refuse to feel that claustrophobic again haha.

Whimsical Dr. Seuss will always make me smile

Love the dual shelving

So fun!!

color inspiration

Now onto a few "big kid" rooms

I'll be moving on to guest bedrooms next. 
Hope you enjoyed your visit,

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