Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Havens

Well I'm not pregnant (not yet anyways), but hope to be someday in the future. That fact doesn't stop me from looking at baby rooms though.  They put a fuzzy warm smile on my face :).  Right now, we have a very tiny second bedroom in the house that would be perfect for a nursery. I hope to have an upstairs addition complete before babies are made, but my heart rest easy knowing that the baby would at least have a room! 

The master bedroom and the lil' tiny room are the only rooms upstairs (it's over top of the living room and bathroom).  There is nothing over the dining room and kitchen, so luckily we have the space to expand up there or frankly I'd be moving!! I grew up in a tiny doll house and refuse to feel that claustrophobic again haha.

Whimsical Dr. Seuss will always make me smile

Love the dual shelving

So fun!!

color inspiration

Now onto a few "big kid" rooms

I'll be moving on to guest bedrooms next. 
Hope you enjoyed your visit,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Master Retreats

I have been incredibly busy as of late, getting the in-laws moved some more.  I think the house is about 50% empty now... you have NO idea how much "crap" these people own.  They had to purchase a separate pull barn to fit the rest of their belongings into.  Mr. J and I have been taking trips over to help box up things and I admit it's hilarious looking through all the things people can accumulated over 30 years.  I am now the proud owner of a "butter thing-a-majig" that I confiscated  borrowed.  I'll post photos soon!!  Ya gotta see this fine piece of machinery.

Anywho, I thought I'd shared some inspiration pictures for the calming and serene master bedroom I hope to create some day soon!  Eeeek I'm getting so excited :)

Love the white bed frames
Okay the next photo can be blamed on the HUGE dreamer girl inside of me haha. If only that was the view outside our window.

Ahhh the crisp clean look of a cottage home makes me breathe a little easier.  I hope you're able to do the same while perusing around! :)

See ya soon,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Light and Calming Bathrooms

I have envisioned a very serene spa like bathroom for our one and only bathroom in the house as of right now.  We plan to have an addition put on the house and it will include a master bath.  Bathrooms are my favorite inspiration pictures to look at.  I just get a sense of peace when I look at these rooms.  I can only hope to someday soon recreate these masterpieces :)

Love the idea of nixing the tradition mirror above the bathroom sink, and instead having a beautiful set of windows.  Ooo what a beautiful room!!

These next photos are mainly for specific in room inspiration such as floors, sinks, walls, and such.

Beadboard around the tub

Storage idea in the bathroom

Big mirror over the tub

Blues and greens- inspiration colors

Blue on the walls and light flooring

Wall color and light fixtures

Hate tradition towel bars.. so I love the idea of hooks like this!
Light fixtures

Love this floor.. it kind of reminds me of mother of pearl.

Lighting with Masen jars and candles

Love the saying, I would maybe print it out and put it in a frame.  I'm not a fan of vinyl lettering.

Like the white and yellow color combo too

Lastly, (well for now anyways haha ;) I like the idea of white shutters in a bathroom as window treatments.

Here's hoping you have a splendid week,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Appliance Show Down

I recently shared a sampling of kitchen inspiration pictures and found a small dilemma (well huge in my eyes).  I cannot decide if Mr. J and I should purchase white appliances for the white cabinet kitchen or stainless steel appliances.  I think I'm going to have nightmares trying to make a decision in this debacle.

           White appliances/butcher block counters          
                 Stainless appliances/granite counters

Obviously there are pros and cons to both. For instance, white appliances give the more "cottage-y" vibe that I was looking for, BUT I enjoy how stainless steel can break up all the white in the room.  Then again, the kitchen is small and shaped like a U and I think that having the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher all stainless will result in too much silver in one area.

I've been told that it really depends on the color of the counter tops as to which color appliances would look best, and I have to agree.  So I will have to put off purchasing a much needed new refrigerator and stove until I can figure our if we'd like to go with butcher block counter tops or granite.  I think I'm going to start writing decisions down on small pieces of paper and picking the winner out of a hat!! :) 

Here's hoping your decisions come to you easier than mine,
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