Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A field trip to the "new" house

Well Mr. J and I decided to take our first field trip to our new home today.  My in-laws are not even close to be finished with their moving escapade so we thought we'd help em along haha.  It wasn't a very productive day to say the least but we put a teeny tiny dent into our "Money Pit"- it's my new nickname for the house.  I can't help but think this is going to be us in a few months.

Ooo how I adore this movie, but I'm not jokin' when I say Mr. J will probably come home to find me in stuck in the floor one day :)

Anyways, we decided to tackle the wallpaper boarder in the living room.  What is it with homeowners and wallpaper borders along the ceiling.  It should be outlawed in every state.  I read online that a "great" way to remove wallpaper is by wetting it with warm soapy water.  Well it worked... a little and I could tell Mr. J was losing his patience fast, so I suggested a "quick trip" to Target to pick up a steamer.  2 in half hrs later we came back with a steamer... from Walmart instead.  I let Mr. J use it while I reverted back to my old method.  His ego was growing by the minute.. he kept saying "my pieces are bigger than yours".  I must say that I wanted to accidentally bump into his foot stool a few times today.

This is the little steamer we picked up by Conair.  It was only 22 bucks but it did a really great job! And now I never have an excuse for wrinkly clothes bahaha.

I also tried to "fix" the cast iron tub.  I must say that IL aren't always up to cleaning things very well and I thought I could bring the tub back to it's original glory.. but no such luck ::sniffle::  I tried Bar Keepers Friend, Kaboom and CLR.  But nothing helped with the rust and stains.  So here starts the trip down money pit lane.  I'm now going to have to call a professional to resurface the damaged beauty or buy a new regular shower/tub combo.  I haven't decided what to do.. but I'd love for that lil tub to look like this someday...

Well that concludes are first field trip to the new house.  Now if only we could get the IL's things moved out, I'd be able to post pics of what we're doing.  I feel wrong taking photos with all that "stuff" in the way.

Enjoy your day :)

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