Thursday, December 31, 2009

Livin' it up Living Room Style

I mentioned in the previous post that I am all over the board on the style of the rest of the house. I am completely torn as to what style would be suit this house. I love the history behind the house. It was built circa 1900's and still has some great charm about her. She was built near a river and then later moved a few streets over. I wanted to do the house justice and give her a light beachy cottagy disguise because of her original location, but I am a country girl at heart. I love rustic, antique and distressed 'things.' I guess only time will tell and I have to remind myself that I can always change the look if I'm unhappy with either choice. Ahhh, the dilemmas of owning a home. I LOVE it :)

Now onto the inspiration living room photos:

Our living room is VERY much structured like this room.  We have the two windows at the front of the house with a wall in the middle.  I'd love to add a fireplace like they've done here.  We also have a side window to the left like this photo.  I'm not a huge fan of the wall color nor the furniture.  I'd like to do tans and sage green. 

Oooo how I ADORE this home.  I think I'm mostly drawn to the lighting in the room.  I love those light fixtures and I am in love with the front door. I am in awe at how light and bright it all is.

In this picture it's the bead-board ceiling for me and the floor to ceiling windows.  A girl can dream :)

If this living room looks familiar to you... it's the living room from the movie Somethings Gotta Give.  I love that entire house, top to bottom.  The serene blues and whites make me heart sigh.

Love the trey ceiling and the fireplace

Paint inspiration color.. the sage green walls, and I adore the rustic-ness of  the coffee table. Hubby would have me committed if I brought in pink furniture haha.

The drapes are fantabulous and an option for floor color. The original hardwood floors are being refinished and I have to pick out a "color" for the floors.  I'm really undecided on this!!

          Wall color inspiration with the wainscoting

We have stairs in the living room that will be exposed like this.  I love the idea of the bead-board on the wall of the stairs.  I think I should just buy bead-board in bulk and cover the house with it bahaha!
I love the layout of the room.  It's VERY similar to the our house layout.  The living room is opened up to the dinning room on the right just like in this photo. What I love is the yellow and green walls.

                                      Color inspiration

                              ::drools all over self::

There is that yellow green combo again.  Hmm I think i might be onto something here.

Love the fact that this fireplace is faux.  It's a built in T.V. with a fireplace DVD playing haha.  It's the perfect way to save on the cost/up keep of putting a fireplace in.  I also think its great for watching the ol' tube.

                          Color inspiration.. again

Bookshelf on the other side of the stairs.

Have a beautiful day,

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