Sunday, December 27, 2009

Welcome to Serene Seneca

This blog is designed mainly as a means for keeping track of all the photo files I've saved on my computer over the last year or so. I am an interior designer at heart! I dream of homes and remodeling practically all the time. I'm that friend/relative that comes over to your house and starts envisioning how to remodel your home while visiting with you haha.

I can't help it either; it's almost like a sickness. I really wish I would have spent the last 4 years getting a degree in design instead of teaching, but I regress as my discovery is far too late ::sniffle:: But I remember reading somewhere that once you make a hobby your job, people often lose their love for the hobby. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

A snippet of recent events:

A sad fact is I've just graduated with no hope for a job in the state I'm in. Most positions have between 200-300 applicants and I have become utterly discouraged. I hope to be employed with the coming New Year in a different field.

An incredibly happy fact is Hubby and I have just been "given" a house to call our own. It is being gifted to us by my in-laws who have since moved into another home. We are soo incredibly thankful for this blessing as we have thousands of dollars in student loans to pay back over the next bazillion years and never thought this day would come. I thought we were going to be termed renters for the rest of our lives.
We will have to wait to move into the home until FIL has purchased a new garage and storage shed to move his many many things into... but in the mean time I'm dreaming up a big ol' dream home that entails moving stairs, ripping apart walls and adding an addition to the home. Can you say I'm a bit overzealous? Absolutely!!

Come along for a ride with me and see what kinda dream home I can conjure up.
See you soon,

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