Monday, December 28, 2009

Enter atcha own risk

Here are some inspiration pics I've stolen over the last few months.  Our entry way will be one of the very first things that we remondel once we've moved in.  It will pretty much need to be gutted and redone completely.. which is great for me because I can start with a clean slate.  These pictures will also include front door pictures as we will also be purchasing a new front door and repainting the entire house and trim.

We would like to paint the entire house a green-ish/grey-ish color with cream-ish/light green-ish trim.  The photo above is the closest I could find in colors.

Love this inviting front door.. makes me wanna step inside and take a peek around :)

Double doors in entry way. Living room to the left, dinning room to the right.  I also like the lantern style lightning used in the entry way.

There is a small closet to the left as you enter the home. I would love to convert the closet into a seating/storage area similar to the photos above.  I would like to add a monogramed mirror above the bench like the photo below.

Another bench idea with baskets for storage.  Love the look of the calming blue walls in the entry way.  We'd also like to add slate style flooring to the entry way that will be the same in the kitchen. I'm still on a hunt to find that just perfect slate flooring.

I will be moving on to the living room inspiration pics tomorrow.  I have many more LR pics than entry way pics and I seem to be all over the place in my design choice.  I cannot decide if I'd like to go with a light airy beachy style or a more light rustic country style.  I guess I'll have to make that decision sooner than I ever imagined.  Hopefully I'll be able to get more of a feel after I've complied all my files into one area.

See ya soon,

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