Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wait, Back it Up

I just realized that I forgot all about posting the inspiration guest bedroom pictures.  I must have been so excited about the new furniture purchase that it escaped my mind.  Ahh well better late than never I suppose :). 
To help maximize space, I love this idea! I'd put a mattress in place of the cushion.
Love Layla's guest bedroom from The Lettered Cottage

Love yellow bedding for guest room
I think a tundrel bed is a great solution for limited space too.

Take care,


  1. lovely inspiration. Where did you find the 6th picture? I have the stripe bedding in green and love the look in that picture!

  2. Thank you Mrs. H

    To answer your question, unfortunately I haven't a clue where I got that picture from. I'm bad at keeping tabs on things like that. I usually just click and save on inspiration photos and change the original file title to something that helps me log them on my computer.

    I've seen the picture a few times while perusing and if I stumble upon it again, I'll be sure to let you :)

  3. no biggie! Thanks for replying =)


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